Flowers for Everday

20160924_1959452When I look at this picture, I think of how awesome & what it takes to have a BEAUTIFUL flower.

Like a relationship a plant has to be watered & cared for.  Tended to, watched over some what protected.

Good relationships are watched over, attention given to another; even if it means just listening.  Healthy relationships produce beautiful benefits to our society



Overcoming Frustration


When  I started to draw her, I thought I am going to draw a daisy with a petal in each hand (leaves).  Signifying my stress and wanting to pull my hair out.  As I started my sketch, if I would’ve known the end result I would’ve used nicer paper; she became a happy daisy.

Just like life, God can take something that doesn’t seem so great and turn it into something beautiful.  I continue to study how to have healthy relationships.  Looking on the brighter side can be how you may have a better day and better relationships with others.