Time well Spent…..Teaching

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I had been wanting to spend some time with my Aunt.  She is such a wonderful person.  We had been trying to get together for an afternoon and as everyone else…schedules , care taking, different things sometimes impede our plans.  Finally, I arrive with my paint supplies on the go.

I have found the best way to help someone is to show them and let them make their own brush strokes.  My encouragement here is to let beginning or frustrated painters know that you can paint over or add to:  which is what is so awesome about painting.

The following is an acrylic on an inexpensive canvas.  I had been practicing circles.  I had circles all over this kiwi- pale yellow background.  Stop. That’s what happened.  Stop.  I can not continue.  I had packed this, what I thought was a disaster, with me not realizing it would become the end result pictured below.

Visualize a canvas with circles.  I take heavy white acrylic spread with my hand in the middle of the canvas.  I demonstrate & talk about how to sweep the brush to make stems.  You can take molding paste and build relief or texture.   Take a wide flat brush depending on diameter of flower you want.

In the end I took small blobs of what was left on my palette to create centers of flowers.  It was a fun afternoon spent talking, painting, talking,  The best part was her painting was different as she expressed her creativity and time that was well spent creating memories.


What if I don’t have a good paint brush?

Acrylic paint, For beginning Artist, Mixed media

Art on stretched canvas & I did not use a paint brush.  As I created this piece; I thought what if some one didn’t really have an assortment of brushes……..I enjoy finger painting and previous post I showed what small lines can be created with a toothpick. I would like to encourage beginning artists …that you don’t have to spend big dollars to express your creativity.

Upcycle is a way to take something free and change it into an eye catching piece.  The following items needed for this featured image:

I used a wedge spackle knife but a plastic spoon will do

Acrylic paint colors of your choice on 12 x 12″ stretched canvas

I chose the butterfly to be the background.  It always seems butterflies are the focal point.

Paint was applied with my hands ( finger painting) & cotton swabs a lot of people call Q tips

Send me a photo of your work


Plaster Dipped Flowers

For beginning Artist, Mixed media

I wanted to try plaster dipped flowers for my self.  My original goal of upcyclying continues with this project.

I had miscellaneous artificial flowers left over from previous wreath making (or given to me).  These are great for something different for multimedia or just an unusual flower in a vase.

I also tried a couple pinecones.

I had a portion of a bag of plaster powder from another project.

Old whisk & old container or ice cream bucket

Newspaper & wax paper

I like using disposable gloves. (You will see why if you try this)


Here’s what I learned.

It is messy

Work Fast

Have extra water because it is quick set

Wax paper is essential



Have your uncrowded work service prepared because you have to work quickly.  A space for them to dry over night is important.

Mix like you were making thin pancakes.  Water & plaster.

A little goes a long way.  Dip flowers & lay on wax paper to dry.


When I finished I thought what a train wreck of a disaster. However the next morning looking at my flowers and my work area cleaned. I thought. I would like to do this again.  The real pinecone move with moisture and when drying.  If you try pinecone don’t have expectations but plan to dip a second time.  The artificial flowers were actually worth the effort.  I also recommend mixing small amounts because a small amount goes a long way in this project.  Spray painting was easy.








What to do with paint leftover on my palette

Acrylic paint, For beginning Artist

I find myself not wanting to throw away paint when there is a substantial amount left as I have just reached a plateau of a piece in which I am working.  Oils you can revisit but Acrylic your time is brief.

Just as my Tutor when I was in 3rd grade said….. always comes to mind.  There are no mistakes in art.

I had dropped my brush with a dot of red in the middle of an ocean scene with a boat.  She very quickly picked up my brush & created a tiny flag on the mast.

I look at my leftover paint, not wanting to waste it & quickly whip out something unplanned.  Sometimes it turns out very well