Time well Spent…..Teaching

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I had been wanting to spend some time with my Aunt.  She is such a wonderful person.  We had been trying to get together for an afternoon and as everyone else…schedules , care taking, different things sometimes impede our plans.  Finally, I arrive with my paint supplies on the go.

I have found the best way to help someone is to show them and let them make their own brush strokes.  My encouragement here is to let beginning or frustrated painters know that you can paint over or add to:  which is what is so awesome about painting.

The following is an acrylic on an inexpensive canvas.  I had been practicing circles.  I had circles all over this kiwi- pale yellow background.  Stop. That’s what happened.  Stop.  I can not continue.  I had packed this, what I thought was a disaster, with me not realizing it would become the end result pictured below.

Visualize a canvas with circles.  I take heavy white acrylic spread with my hand in the middle of the canvas.  I demonstrate & talk about how to sweep the brush to make stems.  You can take molding paste and build relief or texture.   Take a wide flat brush depending on diameter of flower you want.

In the end I took small blobs of what was left on my palette to create centers of flowers.  It was a fun afternoon spent talking, painting, talking,  The best part was her painting was different as she expressed her creativity and time that was well spent creating memories.


Buh-Bye, Strapless Sin Suits

North Carlina made

It seems more tasteful not to show everything

Real as the Streets

Like I mentioned in Reality Check, Mah Ninja, I’m going through a period of identity transformation.

I’ve never been good at fashion. My whole life was sweats and tees to hide the ol’ jelly belly. Then I lost weight. From there, if I could get it around the middle, would wear it.

So my closet was a smorgasbord of “why do you still own this?!” type of clothing that once defined my life.

But I’m a new creature in Christ and need to clothe myself accordingly.

Which is why I’m getting rid of anything lifestyle inappropriate or too small. Unfortunately, most items I’ve gone through are both. 😦

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