Plaster Dipped Flowers

For beginning Artist, Mixed media

I wanted to try plaster dipped flowers for my self.  My original goal of upcyclying continues with this project.

I had miscellaneous artificial flowers left over from previous wreath making (or given to me).  These are great for something different for multimedia or just an unusual flower in a vase.

I also tried a couple pinecones.

I had a portion of a bag of plaster powder from another project.

Old whisk & old container or ice cream bucket

Newspaper & wax paper

I like using disposable gloves. (You will see why if you try this)


Here’s what I learned.

It is messy

Work Fast

Have extra water because it is quick set

Wax paper is essential



Have your uncrowded work service prepared because you have to work quickly.  A space for them to dry over night is important.

Mix like you were making thin pancakes.  Water & plaster.

A little goes a long way.  Dip flowers & lay on wax paper to dry.


When I finished I thought what a train wreck of a disaster. However the next morning looking at my flowers and my work area cleaned. I thought. I would like to do this again.  The real pinecone move with moisture and when drying.  If you try pinecone don’t have expectations but plan to dip a second time.  The artificial flowers were actually worth the effort.  I also recommend mixing small amounts because a small amount goes a long way in this project.  Spray painting was easy.








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