What to do with paint leftover on my palette

Acrylic paint, For beginning Artist

I find myself not wanting to throw away paint when there is a substantial amount left as I have just reached a plateau of a piece in which I am working.  Oils you can revisit but Acrylic your time is brief.

Just as my Tutor when I was in 3rd grade said….. always comes to mind.  There are no mistakes in art.

I had dropped my brush with a dot of red in the middle of an ocean scene with a boat.  She very quickly picked up my brush & created a tiny flag on the mast.

I look at my leftover paint, not wanting to waste it & quickly whip out something unplanned.  Sometimes it turns out very well

3 thoughts on “What to do with paint leftover on my palette

  1. Agreed. Taking leftovers scraps from a project can make an excellent complimentary collage. I also upcycle when I can. For the beginning Artist or new Mom…I advise look at things on how you can reuse containers for creative organization.


  2. As is life, we often are not sure what to do with that dangling comment or unused time…
    Jesus said gather all the leftovers let nothing be wasted (when he fed the 5000). So, whether we take that red dot and turn it into a flag or the hat on someone’s head or the heart of a dolphin, just trying to make good use is never a waste.


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